About Us…

The Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association (N.E.O.A.) is a non-profit educational organization of more than a thousand law enforcement personnel and others in the criminal justice system, including state and local police, D.E.A., F.B.I. and Customs. Our purpose is to provide education for police officers and the general public regarding substance abuse and the dangers of drugs.

N.E.O.A. funding comes from a donation program that is registered with the Attorney General. We receive no government funding. We do NOT use a professional fund-raiser but our own support staff so that 100% of our income goes directly into the N.E.O.A. treasury. We are also a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All of our officers and directors work without pay, as volunteers, to further the goals and aims of the organization.

The ABC of Drugs and Let’s Talk About Drugs are two of our activity/coloring books for younger children. Our pamphlets on Drugs in Connecticut cover such drugs as Ecstasy, Marijuana, Pharmaceuticals, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Tell-tale Signs of Drug Use, Inhalants and GHB / Rohypnol. Over the years the N.E.O.A. has donated over 100,000 D.A.R.E. workbooks to over forty local police departments for their programs in their schools.

Our speakers routinely conduct drug and gang seminars for organizations such as police departments, EMTs and hospital staffs, Department of Children and Families, Regional Substance Abuse Coalitions, physician and nursing associations, college security forces and resident advisors, school faculties, students and parents.

We are licensed by the Connecticut State Board of Education as a Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.) provider. We award CEU hours to teachers and educators who attend our drug/gang workshops towards accreditation of their teaching licenses. The N.E.O.A. has appeared at over 125 public, private and parochial schools across Connecticut providing important lectures to these educators and faculties.The N.E.O.A. is a charter member of the NNOAC (National Narcotic Officers’ Associations Coalition) who represent more than 65,000 narcotic enforcement officers across the nation.

A Message From
the President……


As an active member of Narcotic Enforcement Officer’s Association for over 16 years and especially as its President since 2003, I have had the pleasure of interacting extensively with the public in the area of Drug Education.

Education and knowledge are our greatest weapons against Drug Abuse.The NEOA is committed to educate, inform and assist both the Law Enforcement community and the public to dangers and growing trends in the world of Drug Abuse.

The safety and welfare of our community’s children is a primary goal of the N.E.O.A.

Lieutenant Michael R. Rinaldi (retired)

President CT- NEOA