School Seminars

The Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association has been providing cutting edge PowerPoint seminars at schools for teachers, students and parents for many years.  Our seminars are updated constantly and contain the latest information on local drug problems and the latest news regarding substance abuse among sports figures and celebrities and how kids relate to these sports and media figures.  We have nationally know speakers who have provided C.E.U. training to faculties across the country on a variety of subjects and our presentations to students and parents have become more popular every year.  Our speakers have also participated in over a dozen nationally renowned award-winning HRM Videos, including Heroin Rising and High on Spice.



Some of the topics we cover in our seminars with students include:

  • Consequences of Saying Yes!
  • The Internet Lies
  • Never Trust Anyone When It Comes to Drugs
  • Athletes & Celebrities on Drugs
  • Drugs That Can Kill You
  • Risks of Drug Use

Parents are taught the signs and personality changes related to drug experimentation. They are also shown how teens hide the drugs.

Among the subjects we discuss with parents are:

  • Behavioral Changes in Students
  • Indicators of Drug Use
  • Facebook, Instagram & Other Internet Sites
  • Drugs in the Home
  • Recent Trends
  • How Drugs are Marketed to Teens

DuaneTompkinsTteaching.png Duane Tompkins Teaching picture by neoaoffice

N.E.O.A. Secretary Lieutenant Duane Tompkins (ret.) demonstrates at a seminar how some over-the-counter drugs are used for making illegal drugs.

RichStookKehoe-1.jpg picture by neoaoffice

Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe and N.E.O.A. Treasurer Det. Rich Stook (ret.) speak together at a parent seminar.

NEOA3-1.jpg picture by neoaoffice

U.S. Veterans Affairs Criminal Investigator Greg Augustine and Officer David Salthouse speak to clinicians about the effects of narcotics.