In November of 1996, ballot initiatives were passed in California and Arizona allowing the growing, distribution, possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes based on a doctor’s recommendation. On April 3, 1997, a similar bill was voted out of the Connecticut Legislature’s Public Health Committee with a favorable recommendation. The bill (Senate Bill 1263) was sent to the Judiciary Committee, but was not voted out of committee for consideration by the legislature.

Testimony before the Public Health Committee consisted of anecdotal evidence from several lay individuals, including an AIDS patient and a glaucoma patient who testified that they were helped by smoking marijuana. There was no testimony, according to a committee co-chair, from medical professionals nor, apparently, was any scientific evidence considered.

The Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association (N.E.O.A.) is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the elimination of substance abuse through education and enforcement. N.E.O.A has almost a thousand active and associate members from law enforcement and other walks of life whose purpose is to promote education of police officers and the public regarding substance abuse. N.E.O.A. publishes numerous pamphlets and booklets, distributing thousands of copies every year without any cost to the recipients. N.E.O.A. sponsors training for law enforcement officers ranging from a one day “Narcotics, Dangerous Drugs and Patrol” seminar to a weeklong criminal investigation school.

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N.E.O.A. has gathered extensive material on the subject of medical marijuana and found that the overwhelming majority of the scientific evidence to date has shown that marijuana is a dangerous drug, that no recognized medical authority recommends the use of crude marijuana as medicine, and that all recognized medical groups oppose the “medicalization” of marijuana.

The enclosed Document presents the official position of the Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association, which is based on the state of the movement to legalize marijuana, the current situation regarding the use of marijuana, health issues related to the use of marijuana and the official positions of medical authorities on the issue of “medicalization” of marijuana.