Medical Seminars            

Through the 1990s and up to the present day many semi-synthetic drugs have been created by rearranging the chemical recipes in existing drugs to achieve a different effect on the mind and body.  These new drugs, which have no medical value, were created and manufactured in clandestine labs for recreational purposes.

To keep the medical community informed of these new dangers so they may be properly treated, N.E.O.A. speakers have presented seminars/workshop for:

  • Physician Societies
  • EMT Crews
  • Dental Organizations
  • Hospital Groups
  • Nurses’ Associations
  • Rape Crisis Centers

RonGoodmaster.png Ron Goodmaster teaching picture by neoaoffice

N.E.O.A. Director Detective Sergeant Ron Goodmaster speaks about pharmaceutical abuse at a recent seminar.

OfficerDavidSalthousecase-1.jpg David Salthouse case picture by neoaoffice
U.S. Veterans Affairs Officer David Salthouse discusses the various illegal drugs that are on view in some N.E.O.A. drug display cases at a seminar at the VA Medical Center.