Kids ID Kit


In 1995 the N.E.O.A. pioneered the Polaroid KidCare Program where children were photographed and the photo put in a booklet for the parents’ use in the event the child was lost, missing or abducted.

Over the past 13 years the N.E.O.A. has provided free photographs to over 150,000 children in Connecticut. With the popularity of digital camera technology and Polaroid discontinuing its Polaroid film, the N.E.O.A. has introduced an exciting new aid to parents in 2011 — the Kids ID Kit!

KidsIDpacket-1.jpg picture by neoaoffice


Kids ID Emergency Information Packet Instruction Sheet

Child safety should always be a top concern for parents. The first 15 minutes of a child missing are the most important.

Your photo ID kit will provide instant information for authorities who can reproduce their picture and description for their immediate use. The DNA kit and fingerprint card will be invaluable if the child is missing for a longer length of time. Use these important tools immediately and store in a safe place.


  • Swab the inside of both the child’s cheek with the two swabs provided
  • Seal the swab in the envelope provided Store in a safe place at room temperature in case it is needed

Photo ID Booklet

  • Insert a recent head photo of the child on the inside front cover Fill in all information on pages
  • Store the booklet in the glove compartment of car
  • Chances are better that you will be with or near your car in case of an emergency
  • Always use a photo that is a facial close-up

Fingerprint Card

  • Any inkpad will suffice. Push the child’s finger on the card with a rolling motion. Store the fingerprint card with the DNA kit.

Emergency Information Sheet

  • Fill out spaces including any description of scars/moles
  • Store with the with the fingerprint card in the DNA kit