The NEOA conducts the Regional Criminal Investigation School for law enforcement officers and presents internationally know speakers on narcotics, drug abuse and gang activities. We also present one-day seminars and classes for police patrol officers and supervisors.

For the public sector, we supply material for elementary school students and the general public through our local member departments and agencies. The NEOA has supplied over 100,000 DARE workbooks to towns and distributes more than 150000 drug related information books, pamphlets and items yearly.

We supply speakers for seminars regarding narcotics and gangs to schools, civic groups and private organizations. We have a professional speakers bureau that offers workshops for teachers and other educators that may earn continuing education credits, as the NEOA is a licensed CEU provider. Our lectures have also taught courses in adult continuing education. We regularly teach college resident advisors, faculty and security forces the latest in drug identification.

These classes, which are usually presented by a team of Police personnel, our supported by video presentations, overhead projections and extensive handout literature to better acquaint the audience with the material. We award scholarships to deserving high school seniors through our Milton S. Camilleri memorial program.

The NEOA provides instruction on drug use recognition for such agencies as Department of Children and Families DCF, tough love and Northeast Family Institute, who works with juvenile probation. Working with local, municipal, state and federal agencies, the NEOA is one of the most active educational groups in the State of Connecticut.