College Seminars

Drug education doesn’t end in high school and drug use is a problem that exists on college campuses. To help college administrations combat that problem the N.E.O.A. regularly conducts workshops for resident advisors (R.A.’s) and campus security forces and police departments.

We’ve been to over 50 colleges and trade schools to keep them informed on emerging trends and new drugs. The N.E.O.A. has always provided the latest and up-to-date information in its presentations.

RinaldiMontesfusco.png picture by neoaoffice

N.E.O.A. President Lieutenant Michael Rinaldi (ret.) conducts a self-defense program for female college students.

JohnTesta.png John Testa picture by neoaoffice

N.E.O.A. Director Sergeant John Testa explains a room search.

GabeLupo.png Gabe Lupo picture by neoaoffice

N.E.O.A. Vice President Lieutenant Gabe Lupo speaks with a Resident Advisor after a N.E.O.A. training session at a local college.

Some of the colleges and universities the N.E.O.A. have taught at include: