NEOA teachers1Teachers’ C.E.U. Credits 


The N.E.O.A. is licensed by the Connecticut State Board of Education as a Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.).  We award C.E.U. hours to teachers and educators who attend our drug/gang workshops towards accreditation of their teaching licenses.              

The N.E.O.A. has appeared at many public, private and parochial schools across Connecticut providing important lectures to these educators and faculties.

Among the topics that the seminars cover for instructing teachers include:

  • Clues in the Classroom

  • Recent Drug Trends

  • Basic Drug Identification

  • Why Is This Seminar Important For You The Teacher?

  • Teachers’ Rights

  • Effects of Drugs and Narcotics

  • Recognizing Drug Paraphernalia

  • Street Terms

  • Concealments

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